Cross country skills polished in Glenleary arena

The weather certainly wasn’t very promising for Mary Finneran’s cross country skills lessons yesterday evening but the enormous bulging black cloud that hovered menacingly in the northern sky finally gave up on the determined riders and floated off to new horizons. Not a drop of rain fell as Vera enjoyed a solo lesson on Tia, working on cross country flatwork skills in the arena before venturing out onto grass to put everything into practice.

The land could cope with one horse but the six who turned out for the second equally dry lesson were wisely confined to the arena. That didn’t impede the learning process one little bit as everybody practiced how to ride a straight line in a good on-going rhythm down to an ever-skinnier jump. Minds were focussed and determination was heightened. Great entertainment was provided by the old man of the evening, Zak, who jumped with characteristic gusto despite his mildly unorthodox approach.

Many thanks to Mary for more great instruction, to Orla for organising the evening, and to Audrey for providing the all-important refreshments.