Cracking cross country evening attracts a huge attendance

A run around some of the county’s finest fields is a treat at any time. When the weather plays along like it did last Friday evening, it’s difficult to imagine that life could get all that much better. With the Foyle as a backdrop and the old railway tracks as a feature, there was no shortage of visual stimulation for the human and equine participants.

After a mounted group course walk, a small group of five riders worked for a little while in the sand arena with Kelda before moving out into open territory once confidence was established. The main body of riders rode the course individually, each timed to help monitor the correct pace for cross country competitions. Afterwards, those who wished rode the course again in pairs.

A huge turnout rewarded the time and effort put in by Marina and Enda, with plenty of help from Leo. The mounted exertions were followed by a get together around the Hamilton’s creaking table, laden with goodies produced by the extended family. A very big thanks to the hosts for a memorable evening and wonderful hospitality.

Pictured below: Paddy and Sharon looking picturesque on the cross country course. More photos in the Gallery.