Cross country skills at Marina & Enda’s, Friday 1 June *updated

This Friday sees a return to open country with a cross country and/or trec training evening at Marina and Enda’s home in St Johnston. With Orla tied up at work, Marina has kindly volunteered to organise the evening’s activity.

The plan is a route through fields with cross country jumps (including some new jumps added since the riding club last visited Marina & Enda). A team of cattle have been dispatched on grazing duty and have promised to have the grass at optimum length. The route will be marked with flags so riders can learn the route and practice riding at different speeds. This is a very handy skill for cross country competitions and for the PTV and POR phases of TREC.

It’s also possible to enjoy the evening on horseback without doing any jumping. How often do most of get to ride around beautiful big fields? Even walking and trotting the course will be a pleasure.

Orla needs riders to confirm by Wednesday evening if they are attending so that she and Marina can look at speeds to match their grades and (more importantly) know how many to cater for. Contact her on 087 643 2458 to let her know if you’re planning to ride.

N.B. Kelda will be on hand from 7–8.30pm to provide help and instruction for anybody who would like to avail of it. You may also batter away on your own, if that’s what you prefer. The cost for the evening will be €10 per head.