Relay For Life: Weekend arrangements *updated

Team Captain, Cormac, has an update on arrangements for the weekend:

I have spoken to most people at this stage and have got agreement on the slots they will fill over the 24hrs. The idea is that at least 2 people at a time would be there for 2hrs and they can choose between themselves who will walk and for how long whilst the other person mans our gazebo/stand at the event. Note our club gazebo is No 28.  The track schedule so far is as follows;

Saturday evening
6pm – 8pm  Damien & Nadine
8pm – 10pm  Francis, Maura, Libby & Suzanne WD
10pm – 12am  Sally & Hazel

Saturday night
12am – 2am  Orla & Stephen
2am – 4am  Louise, Donna & Gillian
4am – 6am  Rachel & Christopher

Sunday morning
6am – 8am  Cormac & Brenda
8am – 10am  Mick & Leo
10am – 12pm  Marina & family

Sunday afternoon
12pm – 2pm  Paddy, Audrey & Tanya
2pm – 4pm  Anne & Keary
4pm – 6pm  Liz

Many Thanks to all who have committed so far and I have no doubt we will get the vacant slots filled. If anybody wishes to join please let me know because it would be great if we could have more bodies at the busier times of Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Housekeeping !!! Please wear your riding club gear (black & amber sweatshirts etc) and don’t worry about looking silly, believe me we will be mild compared to some of the outfits that will be there. Please leave plenty of time to be there for your alloted time because parking is going to be at a premium especially at busy times.(no parking in LYIT on the day, try Enda’s homeplace, Hugh is away !!!) Please be security aware because the event is so large you can be assured that some people will target it for the wrong reasons. If anybody feels like baking for our team gazebo a few of Marina’s Audrey’s or Jennie’s specialities would be appreciated (no pressure). I will have chairs etc in the gazebo and we will have posters photos and tack displaying the activities of the club. If anybody has anything they would like to add please contact Libby or Cormac. I tried to add a horse but that was a non-runner (excuse the pun).The event is very much a fun event and a celebration and will be screened live for the 24hrs on the internet, some of the highlights are the Luminari ceremony at 10pm on Saturday evening and the opening and closing ceremony at which the wonderful Gemma who we all know will be present. You can be guaranteed that you will not be bored as the fun will continue for the full 24hrs, I have even arranged that the wonderful Daniel who has written a song especially for the event and is donating all proceeds to relay has promised me he will pay a visit to our stand just to say “hello” to his biggest fans Marina, Orla, Tanya & Nadine. The weather forecast is good so please bring Sunscreen, dark glasses for when Orla starts screaming at Daniel, and some refreshments.

Lastly a big THANK YOU to all who helped in the fundraising and for all those who still have sponsorship cards & money please bring them along at the weekend and give them to Cormac, Damien, Francis or Orla who all have lodgement forms. We as a club look like having €1800 – €2000 for this worthy cause by the weekend and add this to the monies raised for the hand in hand charity from the rideout we can justifiably give ourselves a collective pat on the back.

Team Captain