Select few benefit from top class tuition with Patricia Warren

Anybody who has experienced Patricia Warren’s instruction won’t lightly miss one of her classes and there are several members (one in particular) who regret not being able to get to Lenamore for Friday evening’s lesson. Cormac, Liz, Hazel, Ruth and Rachael McCrossan were the clever ones who made it their business to be there when it mattered.

Patricia was as generous as ever with her time and each pupil received ample tuition on a beautiful evening in a well-prepared arena. Comparative novices Liz and Hazel had their confidence boosted and happily tackled a course of obstacles they might previously have considered well beyond their means. Even a seasoned pro like Cormac finished the lesson with the feeling that he had learned something new.

This was a once-off lesson but hopefully we’ll have the opportunity in the near future to benefit again from Patricia’s knowledge and expertise.