Two new recruits and two old friends welcomed this week

We’re very happy to welcome two new faces to the club ranks this week. Orla Moore lives in Derry and her equestrian base is Lenamore. She’s dipping her toes in riding club water at Advanced Primary level.

Norah O’Reilly joins us initially as a non-riding member. Once she has us well sussed out on foot, she hopes to join as a riding member. Norah is from Letterkenny and is a pupil at Glenleary.

And in a new departure for the club, we’re delighted to welcome Ruth and Rachael McCrossan, long-time members of the Donegal Gaeltacht club, as associate members. Ruth and Rachael, who are based in Manorcunningham, hope to avail of many of Letterkenny’s activities but they remain full members of the Gaeltachts and will continue to compete under the Gaeltacht banner. Associate membership is a great way of benefitting from two clubs while maintaining club loyalty.

You’re all very welcome to the club and we hope you get great enjoyment and fun out of your membership.

Pictured below: Ruth and Rachel at Flowerhill, 2011.