Bits & Bridles, Armchair Evening, Friday 17 February

This Friday we’re being treated to a talk on bits and bridles by Mary Finneran. Generally speaking, you won’t go too far wrong if you use a simple snaffle bridle on your horse. But which snaffle should you choose? An eggbut, a loose ring, a D-ring, a hanging snaffle, a french link, or a pink one with yellow spots?

And if your horse is strong, should you yourself just eat more spinach or is it better to switch the bit to a dutch gag, a pelham or a kimblewick? Or do you stick to your snaffle and combine it with a different noseband — a flash or a grackle or a drop? And what’s a Micklem bridle, or a hackamore?

The talk is at 8pm at Libby’s house in Rathmullan. Predictable refreshments served. If you’re planning on coming along, please let Libby know in advance on 086 830 1392. If numbers permit, you’re welcome to bring a guest.