Club AGM approaching fast

How time flies. It’s now less than two weeks to our club’s annual general meeting on Monday 14 November.

The meeting provides an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve been doing for the past 12 months, assess where we’re going in the future, and generally appreciate the activities the club and its members have been involved with in 2011.

The business end of things is always important but the social side dominates proceedings and our AGM has always proven a very enjoyable affair. There’ll be the usual election of club officers so search your soul and see if you can commit the time and effort to one of the many jobs on the roster. If you want to find out what any of the positions entail, give Orla a shout or contact the person who has been responsible for the post this year (see The Club page of the site for an overview of current positions).

The finale of the AGM will be the presentation of our awards for Club Member of the Year and Club Horse of the Year. The winners of these awards are selected by the members through a nomination process. Each member can nominate two candidates for each of the awards. Damien collects the nominations and you can submit yours by texting, emailing or snail-mailing him in advance of the AGM. If you like, give a few reasons for your choice – this adds to the enjoyment of the ceremony on the evening.

For any further information on the AGM contact Orla on 087 643 2458 or Francis on 086 372 2542.