News from HQ

David Abbott from AIRC HQ has asked Orla to ensure that a couple of items of news are well publicised amongst members:

Membership Cards

Members, club officials and event organisers are being reminded that all riders taking part in any AIRC activity must produce a valid membership card. Under rule 4, c, members are not permitted to take part in any activity until they are in possession of their membership card. If a member is unable to produce their membership card, they are not permitted to take part in the activity. Any breach of this rule can incur automatic suspension and a fine of up to €1,000. Club officials and event organisers are also reminded to check the grade of any rider on their membership card before accepting an entry from that competitor. Please ensure to remind your members of this rule and also any officials, in particular those accepting entries at any AIRC activity.

And on a slightly lighter note:

Equestrian Ski Trip

We’ve organised a totally new and completely social ski trip to Austria in February where there will be an opportunity to go horse riding on Icelandic ponies. It’s open to anyone, members and non members, equestrian enthusiasts and those who don’t know what a horse is! We can accommodate groups and single folk on this trip.

We hope and your members will consider joining us on we hope it will be a chance to meet new friends and old, all with a common interest. We may even introduce a club skiing championship!

Further information is available on the AIRC website or you can contact our Topflight representative Maurice on 01 240 1700.