Knock-out reappearance from Mick and Angel

Friday evening’s clear round jumping evening at Glenleary was notable for the quality of the simple but challenging course as well as for the helpful and instructive advice provided by Mary Finneran. But it will be remembered best as the evening when Mick was reunited with Angel. The pair flew around the course with energy and enthusiasm and Mick’s smile reached from ear to ear. Suzanne watched with pleasure with Basil from his stable door and she looks forward to getting back on board sooner rather than later.

While Mick has retained all his riding skills despite the 4-month break in equestrian activity, some other skills seem to have deteriorated slightly. Between untacking Angel and returning her saddle to the tack room, he succeeded in plunging the yard into total darkness. Desperate efforts were made by several able-bodied men to resuscitate the electrical system but it all came to nought.

This week we move to Templemore for some indoor clear round jumping in anticipation of our show at Eglinton the following weekend. Full details shortly.

Pictured below: Friday evening’s crime scene, Glenleary.