Day trip to Carrickfinn, Sunday 25 September

With our Carrickfinn camping expedition in May and our Millers Hill weekend in September both lost to the weather, we’re hoping to get lucky with our third attempt to get away for some exhilarating riding and food cooked in the open air.

This Sunday we’re heading to Carrickfinn for the day. It’s a very worthwhile journey for a day’s riding across stunning beaches, extensive sandunes and minuscule coastal roads and tracks. Bring your own food for the grill, some weatherproof gear and your horse (or just your shoes, if you’d prefer to walk while others ride).

The weather forecast is middling and the trip will definitely be going ahead unless a hurricane tears across the Atlantic between now and Sunday. If you plan on coming along, contact Damien on 087 763 1911 for directions and times.

Pictured below: Memories of our unforgettable camping trip in May 2010.