Mullingar marathon pays off for Martina

The weather wasn’t quite as bad in the midlands as it was in Donegal on Sunday but there was no shortage of muck on Martina’s boots as she finally wound down after a gruelling day at Mullingar. After riding in two qualifiers and two finals, she and Smuggler hit the road for home with Letterkenny’s first ever National Show Jumping Championship ribbon lighting up the dashboard. The pair had finished a brilliant third in the Primary Mini-Derby to put the finishing touch on a 13-shows-in-13-weeks marathon.

The Gaeltachts also had a great Championship and there were ribbons on the road to Donegal with them as well.

Well done Martina (and well done Des!). And congratulations to all our neighbours on their great performances.

Pictured below: The club’s very first ribbon from the AIRC National Show Jumping Championships.