Stable management skills tested at Letterkenny General Hospital

Marina has had to bow out of this evening’s show jumping challenge at Ecclesville. She’s holding the fort at home while Enda undergoes some essential maintenance and testing at Letterkenny General Hospital. If the club were lucky enough to own a webcam, we would have broadcast a live demonstration yesterday on the value of equestrian skills in the hospital work place.

It was an all members’ affair as Michelle O Rourke, in her civilian nurse’s role, took charge of the newly-admitted patient. Battling with his robust and manly growth of chest hair, Michelle resorted to her equestrian knowledge and gave Enda a fine trace clip before connecting the gadgets that would monitor his heartbeat. She then proceeded to rug him up in a hospital cooler before legging him onto the bed where he is now resting in comfort for a day or two.

Get well soon, Enda. Many hours of quiet, relaxed hacking on Teldel await you.

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