Patience. A much appreciated virtue.

Somewhere on the site there is an option which allows you to shelve your website until you have made all the changes you want and feel that the new and improved version is ready for the world. I know this because I noticed it late last night, just before shutting down the laptop. Unfortunately I cant find it today, so I will just have to settle for giving you my apologies for the multitudinous versions which keep popping up. I promise I am slowly getting to grips with it. It only took me from 8pm yesterday till 1pm today to work out how to create a drop-down menu for the Gallery page…thank God for Covid lockdowns coinciding with annual leave. The Gallery photos are one of the best parts of the site. The good times they recall really are what riding club is all about and I hope that I can keep this section up to date in the future.

I’ve managed to add in the link to our membership renewal forms on the Join Us page. I realise that with the level five lock-down keeping us firmly in our place at the moment it might be hard to motivate yourselves to get memberships in but, as we discovered in 2020, when the restrictions are eased (which they will be eventually) events and competitions occur very quickly and it will certainly help if you have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed early in the year. Remember that membership cards are not being issued this year unless a member specifically orders one. The AIRC has produced an App for download. Find details here

This is also the time to make sure your four legged partner is ready to rock when things kick off again. Some riders have changed mounts over the past year and may need to register their new horse with headquarters. There is no charge for this if it is done before April 1st. Many horses are already registered with the AIRC and if your new mount is on the list already you are not obliged to update the ownership details. Vaccinations are another area liable to lapsing when the world is shut down. Check that your horse is up to date with theirs. If you need further info on passports or AIRC registration follow the following link