Competition time

In the midst of the strange times we are living through I thought we could all do with a little entertainment to keep us occupied while we sit tight and keep safe at home. So how about a little competition and a chance to pick a prize of your choice if you’re the lucky winner? The Letterkenny Riding Club Easter Challenge 2020 is a crossword with a largely equestrian theme (no surprise there, I hear you say) and enough clues to keep everyone entertained for at least ten minutes. The crossword can be downloaded from the attached PDFs. If you are a traditionalist and prefer a hard copy or, like me, you don’t have a printer in your cocoon, I can also post you out a copy. If you would like me to do that just contact me on 086 1617087 with your name and address.

Fill in the crossword and post it back to me for Friday 10th April. Current members of the Letterkenny Riding Club will be allowed one free entry. Non members, or current members who wish to stack the odds in their favour by submitting more than one entry to the draw (!!), will be charged E5.00 per entry. Please enclose payment with the entries. I’d love to tell you we can accept online payment but I’m afraid we’re not quite there yet.

All correct entries will be placed in a draw and the winning entry will be drawn on Saturday 11th April 2020. The draw will be videoed and uploaded onto the Letterkenny Riding Club Facebook page. The lucky winner will have the choice of one of the following prize packages.

  1. A super cooler. Size 6’6″
  2. A set of 4 fleece bandages and 4 fibregee pads
  3. A bottle of ShowSheen and two haynets

The prize will be posted or delivered according to current restrictions. Be sure to include a name and contact number with your entry!

Letterkenny Riding Club Easter Challenge 2020

LRC Easter Challenge 2020 Across

LRC Easter Challenge Down 2021