Another one bites the dust

Not to be outdone by a woman, Dennis has produced enough wind and rain to put paid to the second leg of the North West Riding Clubs spring league. The next leg of the league is scheduled for Sunday 1st of March but before that is the next inter-club meeting on Monday 17th February in the Glencar Inn, so maybe we will discover plans afoot for replacing a leg or two.

With spring progressing at a rapid rate (honestly…just look at all the little buds on the bushes!) we are looking at a rapidly approaching hunter trial championships at Flowerhill and the associated need for cross-country training. Obviously the opportunities for getting out cross-country are limited, given the rather challenging weather and ground conditions, but Erica and her trusty elves are industriously searching for suitable options and there are potential plans afoot. Watch this space.

In the meantime don’t lose touch with the good folks in your local riding clubs. Why not come along for the inter-club meeting on Monday evening at the Glencar Inn at 8pm.