Social climbers: Enda reveals all

Where do I start – the wrestlers in lycra or the wall. They both had the ladies in a sweat.

More on the men in pink in a moment but first the 12 members who made the journey to Derry on Friday for a mystery evening all rose to the challenge and what a challenge. The highest indoor climbing wall in Ireland in the new Foyle Arena looked daunting at first but in the end it was conquered by all. The most impressive was Paddy “Spiderman” Gallagher who was first to the top in record time. Years of practice scaling walls to raid orchards paid off. There was no stopping Paddy after he figured out how to get back down again. He was so high he was out of ear shot to get his instructions for the descent. After lots of “sorries” the message got through. More impressive performances followed from Hazel “Im not doing this I’m scared of heights” Mahoney, Louise “let me at it” Edwards, Pauric “you need a stronger rope” McCrory and Erin who relished beating her dad to the top.

Not to be out done Suzanne Deeney Wylie, Mary Finneran and our latest recruit Paul O’Kane left many in their wake as they scaled new heights. Then we had the Smith/Chambers combination who wanted to share the one rope but in the end were easily separated when Ann left her fiancee in her slipstream. Enda and Marina also had their own domestic duel. As for the wrestlers next door in lycra – enough said ladies.

Pictured below: No sign of a horse anywhere — club members conquer the wall.