Looking forward to our cross country evening at Lenamore

The horses are staying at home this Friday evening but they’ll be working for their feed in a week’s time at Lenamore. Cormac has organised a Go As You Please over the cross country course and it offers a nice easy-going opportunity for some schooling. The ground should be perfect given the forecast combination of rain and warm sunshine for the coming week.

Inishowen Riding Club are running an identical session immediately after ours so make sure you turn up punctually at 7pm so that we can vacate the course on schedule. Unfortunately orders from above at AIRC HQ prevent us from combining the two clubs into one longer session.

Contact Cormac on 087 251 4417 if you’re interested in going along. You can do as much or as little as you please and, if you don’t feel like jumping, you can just fly around the lovely big fields.