Pulses start to race in anticipation of team show jumping qualifier

The countdown to Sunday’s team show jumping qualifier in Sligo is on. 24 teams will line out on the day for this most hotly contested of all competitions. We’ll be represented by two fine teams, as follows:

Damien on Trial and Error
Nadine on Molly
Anne on (Kiltown Miss) Molly
Leo on Cool

Cormac on Charlotte
Francis on Zak
Tanya on Al
Keary on Arthur

It will be a memorable day’s competition with a berth at the final in the RDS as the holy grail. Our neighbours will be there in force with three Donegal Gaeltacht teams, two from Inishowen and one from Tirconaill vying for their chance to compete at the Dublin Horse Show. With Benbulben fielding six teams, they’re bound to become the punching bag for every other club in the region.

The more supporters we can send to cheer on the team, the better. There’s always a need for foot soldiers who can hold a horse for a crucial 10-minutes while our riders walk the course, or who can manhandle the jumps in the warm-up arena to make sure that the preparation goes as smoothly as possible.

It’s a great day out and a great people- and horse-watching spectacle. Plan on being there! Here’s the full run-down for the day:
TSJC Regional Qualifier Programme 2013