Volunteer taskforce for NWL, Sunday 10 March

Following the successful blueprint of the autumn league, each leg of the spring NWL will be run by an individual club. Letterkenny is on duty for the first and fourth legs on Sundays 10 February and 10 March.

Cormac has drawn up four operational teams to cover the range of tasks involved in running a show and each member has been earmarked for one team:

Judges Box
Team leader: Cormac 087 251 4417
Team members: Enda, Maura, Joanne, Rachel

Safety & Warm-Up Arena
Team leaders: Paddy 086 854 3067 and Mick 086 349 8111
Team members: Leo, Cyril, Denis, Keary, Jenny, Audrey, Francis, Libby

Team leaders: Nadine 087 933 7854 and Tanya 086 100 2972
Team members: Gemma, Sharon, Anne, Suzanne Carroll, Hazel

Arena Party & Call-Up
Team leader: Damien 087 763 1911
Team members: Orla, John, Suzanne Wylie-Deeney, Marina, Louise, Ewelina

Please note what team you’re on and make contact with your team leader to coordinate a rota for the day.