Excellent tuition as the weather plays ball at Cyril’s

Geraldine’s debut as a riding club instructor was a great success on Friday evening at Cyril’s. Horrible weather during the day gave way to a fine dry evening and two batches of four pupils enjoyed the instruction.

Francis, Leo, Tanya and Libby opted for a jumping lesson and Geraldine focussed on shortening and lengthening strides over poles before gradually building up a grid. All four horses (or rather three horses and a pony!) mastered the exercise well, each adopting very different attitudes to the task.

Vera and Liz, Rachael and Ruth turned up for the flatwork session at 8pm and looked to be getting nicely unto their stride as the first batch of riders made their way carefully up Cyril’s steep and windy lane.

Jenny and Audrey were on site to ensure that the non-riding division of the club was adequately represented. Audrey’s tea station was left at home for a change and it did everybody good to rediscover what Friday evenings are like without this wonderful service. Audrey, we’ll never take it for granted!