A glorious day for training in the West

With Errigal and Muckish crystal clear under a bright blue sky, seven of our members joined riders from Tirconaill, Donegal Gaeltacht and Benbulben riding clubs for a very enjoyable day’s tuition on the periphery of Europe.

The journey out and back is a pleasure in itself when the weather plays along and both horses and riders enjoyed the change of scenery and change of instructors. It was a great opportunity to try out the Gaeltachts’ lovely new jumps and the horses adapted to them remarkably quickly. Molly did have a little issue with the water tray but patience paid off and, between them, Gary Marshall and Anne coaxed her over the terrifying obstacle. For the cross country sessions, Manus’s land was remarkably dry and withstood the hoofed invasion perfectly.

A very big thanks to Roisin, Packie and Mona who orchestrated the whole event and to the three instructors who worked patiently with every level of horse and rider. And thanks to the big man up above for delivering on the weather promise.

Packie was out with his camera on the day and we’ll surely see some pictures on the Gaeltachts’ site in due course.