Obstacle Challenge this Friday, 2 December, Templemore

Many of our newer members might have no idea what’s involved in an obstacle course evening on horseback. Well, the main ingredient is our erstwhile distinguished chairman, Mr Francis McNicholl. Each year Francis reaches back to his not-yet-abandoned childhood and retrieves some challenges that are guaranteed to test the obedience and accuracy of any horse and rider combination.

The pictures below give you the general idea. You’d be amazed at how determined you become to negotiate each of the obstacles. Something as simple as mounting your horse suddenly becomes desperately important while making the blasted animal stand still for 10 seconds in a wall-less sawdust pen is enough to make many riders pull their hair out.

There’s no jumping involved and every level of rider can enjoy the event. One horse can also accommodate several riders so check with your club mates to see who’s planning on going and maybe you can pick up a ride, even if you can’t bring your own horse. And even if you don’t plan to ride at all, it’s a lovely evening’s social entertainment and Francis can always use a few dedicated helpers.

Contact Francis on 086 372 2542 by Wednesday lunchtime at latest if you plan to attend.

Pictured below: Liz, Tanya, Mike and Vera take up the obstacle course challenge at Templemore, December 2009.