Formation falls apart but fun remains

With a bumper group of ten riders and a temperamental boom box, Friday evening’s musical ride didn’t turn out quite as Valerie might have expected. But that did nothing to diminish the fun that everybody had as their coordination of physical aids and mental concentration was tested to the full.

Rachel and Libby got gold stars on their copybooks at the head of the ride with Damien and Nadine attracting almost as much praise in the next two positions. It soon became clear that the performance diminished as Valerie moved her eye down the line and raised her hands in horror at the untidy chaos around numbers 9 and 10. She changed things up so that Libby moved to the back of the ride, taking up lead file when the formation changed rein. Things disintegrated in spectacular fashion and the gold star disappeared rapidly off Fenway’s rump. Paddy, Michelle, Hillary, Hazel, Sally and Francis had their honour restored and the whole evening concluded in high spirits.

It was a great series of lessons blessed with remarkably good weather. Thanks to Valerie for her unique tuition and to Rachel for coordinating the three Fridays and providing the tea for the postmortems. Everybody’s already looking forward to the 2012 edition.