Club squadron assembling for Operation Glenswilly

Every one of us has scratched our head and wondered time again what we can do to give Mick and Suzanne a hand while they soldier through the difficult time they and Gemma are experiencing this year. Not for the first time, it was Mary Finneran who came up with the brilliant idea of launching a maintenance attack on the grounds of Chez Carroll in Glenswilly.

There’s nothing more depressing than seeing all the tedious day-to-day tasks of property ownership get the better of you during hectic periods and nobody can deny that Suzanne and Mick have been under pressure for a while now. So, grab whatever useful tools and pieces of machinery that you possess, load up on energy, and join members for an afternoon session of weeding, hedge clipping, raking, mowing, and any other useful task that we can perform on Saturday 24 September.

If you’d like to join Operation Glenswilly, just turn up on the day at 2pm or contact Liz on 086 831 3799 for directions and other details.