Summer show calendar continues despite the weather

Midsummer’s day is behind us already but the weather would have us believe that we have yet to cross the threshold from March to April. As entrants prepare for the showing classes at Saturday’s Finn Valley Show they’ll be puzzling over their exhibits’ summer coats. Plenty of horses are already battening down the hatches and furiously producing their winter coats. And who could blame them. It’s hard to muster enthusiasm for shampooing and plaiting and polishing when the goose pimples are permanently sculpted to the skin.

The weather looks as if it might just about oblige for Finn Valley on Saturday and, with luck, it will hold out reasonably well for Glenleary on Sunday. The very best of luck to everybody who’s going out to compete. With showing, dressage, jumping and handy horse classes, there’s something of interest for every level of rider and horse.