The fine art of lungeing on a frosty Friday evening

Mary Finneran’s well attended lungeing demonstration on a dry but bitterly cold Friday evening opened the eyes of many members to a very fine equestrian art. Beginning with a talk on lungeing equipment, Mary then explained the three types of lungeing: lungeing to train, lungeing to exercise and lungeing to school.

Moving outside to the arena she showed everybody how to tack up a horse for lungeing in different situations. She then used her experienced old-timer, Tom, and her young cob, Tutu, to demonstrate how differently horses go on the lunge, depending on their stage of training. It was interesting to see how difficult it was to get the horse to concentrate on its work while Mary was talking to her audience, explaining everything she did. Anyone who has spent time lungeing will know that it’s a one-on-one experience with intense communication between handler and horse.

Suzanne, Nadine and Leo had a go at coordinating horse, lunge line and whip while a remarkably patient young Tutu played along.

If there was a single lesson that Mary would have liked people to take from the evening, it was probably “keep it simple”. Gadgets and gimmicks are all fine and good in the hands of experts but those experts don’t generally need them. There’s no such thing as a quick fix. Patience and practice are needed to develop the skill but it’s worth the effort.

Pictured below: Members look on as Mary explain the finer details to Nadine while Tutu plays guinea pig.


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