Formation Riding with Valerie Craig

Formation riding? Well, imagine a cross between a military quadrille, dressage to music and synchronised swimming — that’s about as close as we can get to describing Valerie’s classes. Add in serious concentration and plenty of laughter and you’re beginning to get the picture.

The beauty of the formation riding lessons is that you’re concentrating so hard on holding up your side of the show that you don’t even realise that you’re intuitively giving your mount immaculate aids and doing great flatwork almost without trying.

Lessons will take place for the next three Fridays (9/16/23 April) at Harley’s arena in Trentagh. Book with Mick Carroll on 086 828 2280 by the Wednesday before each lesson at latest.

Directions to Harleys · Download

Pictured belowMike Cuffe on Judy gives a victory salute for a line-up finale at Valerie’s 2009 lessons.